Baruch College Chess Club

What is the Baruch College Chess Club?

The Baruch College Chess Club is a group of students committed to playing chess and continuing to learn more about the game. We organize matches against other colleges as well as compete in local and state tournaments for our school. We also provide an atmosphere where students can just come in to relax and enjoy the game of chess. You may even learn a thing or two that can help you throughout your life.

What does the Chess Club hope to accomplish?

The Baruch College Chess Club's goal is to build awareness of chess within the Baruch community and society as a whole. This will be accomplished through chess workshops, tournaments, chess matches, etc. Chess workshops intend to help us continue to learn more about the game. Tournaments and chess matches give us a chance to play competitive chess. We also hope to make chess a great experience for everyone and create memories of our experiences that we will keep forever.

Why chess?

Chess brings many benefits. Players are exposed to them every time they play. One benefit is the ability to make high quality decisions. Each move in the game has an affect on what happens later in the game. One move can determine whether a game is won or loss. This can be applied to life, where every action will result in a consequence.

Chess also trains you to make long-term plans and goal settings. Chess is not a game of chance. Luck has little to do with winning or losing a game. It takes planning and effort to reach the goal. Whenever the game is won, the goal has been realized. Similar to life, in the game of chess, one rarely succeeds, unless one plans ahead with a clear goal in one's mind.

Chess helps us to become less hasty with our decisions. In chess we learn not to underestimate the power of the "weak." Everything in the game of chess requires each player to examine the possibilities of every move and the outcomes of those moves. Small advantages that are gained throughout the game can become the reason for winning the game. A "weak" pawn that moves slowly and safely has the potential to become an all-powerful queen.

The Baruch College Chess Club Leadership

President, carries out duties required by the goal of promoting and representing the game of chess within Baruch and to society. To accomplish this goal, the Club provides facilities where all members of the community can meet to enjoy the game of chess; it also holds events that promote chess awareness and enjoyment. Such events may include, but are not limited to, tournaments, lessons, team matches, etc. The president and treasurer ensures that all events are organized, delegated, and successful. The president takes ultimate responsibility of all events and makes any necessary changes to fulfill these goals.

Treasurer, handles and keeps track of the club's money, and carries out any other duties required by the goal of promoting the game of chess within Baruch. The treasurer represents the club in financial matters, and is in charge of maintaining budget balances, ensuring reimbursements, getting appropriate funding, and buying things at the best price.

Vice Presidents

They share duties with the president, keep track of all members and their attendance, and insure that all activities are set up correctly. They also contact members about events and advertise the club events to the Baruch community.